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Feel confident that your solar installation is in the hands of the matter. SENCHERMAN PRODUCTS LLC customizes every detail of your design and project specifically for your unique needs. Customer service is a high priority here at SENCHERMAN PRODUCTS LLC. We are committed to ensuring that you are elated with your decision to go solar.

How Solar Works


  • Solar Panels: The solar panel’s job is to take excess electron energy and turn it into electric power. Silver acts as the conductor to pass electricity on to an inverter.


  • Inverter: The inverter acts as the brain of your solar system. It converts Direct Current (DC) electricity into Alternating Current (AC) power (the standard electrical current used in your home). Each solar cell generates roughly 1.0 Volt of electricity.


  • Electrical Panel: The AC power is run to the electrical panel (breaker box) where it can be distributed throughout your home.


  • Utility Meter: This is where the utility bill savings happen. The utility meter measures your electrical supply. Usually, solar panels produce more power than your home will actually use. Your utility company will offset your next bill for any excess power your system accumulates.


The installation process is as follows: Site Survey & amp; Design, permits, installation, city inspections, utility connection. The dedicated SENCHERMAN PRODUCTS LLC technician will visit the property to confirm system design, verify measurements, and adjust shade and ceiling obstructions. After the site evaluation, a solar design expert will make any number of adjustments to the custom plan to ensure everything looks and works perfectly. From site visit to design, it can take 3-5 weeks.


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